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Find anything & everything in your city.
We start with Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

The Lokate App will be the one-stop source of information of all the useful location for shopping, dining, banking, visting etc. Ordering food & grocery from the nearest stores & restaurants is more easier than before.
Welcome to the new discovery tool for your city.


Find a location

During the initial launch, Lokate will help in finding locations using the most intuitive navigation mechanism on your mobile phone. Powerful yet simple.


Order Services

With the Lokate App, you'll be able to order food from restaurants, buy groceries, book movie tickets, book medical appointments, find a flat/villa etc.

Keywords : Simple, Useful, Functional
These are the aims of Lokate

Convenience to users is our motto and for this to happen, we have built up numerous functionalities into the app

Quick & Easy Navigation

Find locations of all possible outlets & services with just a few clicks.

Driving Direction

Use the driving directions feature to get to the selected destination from your present location.

Accuracy & Updates

We constantly strive to update the app with new locations & new categories.

Your Contributions

You are always welcome to contribute in the efforts to take the product have a larger global footprint.

Available Versions


  • iPhone App (for all iPhone sizes)
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  • Android App (for all Android phones)
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  • iPad App
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    Apple IOS8+

    For iPhones


    For Android Phones

    Functional features coming soon
    You'll need it all the time!

    As visitor or residents of the city, we always have several needs to be fulfilled on a daily basis.
    Lokate App will get things done easily & quickly.

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    Order your food or grocery

    Find the nearest restaurant or grocery & order through the app

    Find a place to stay nearby

    Locate available apartments/villas in the vicinity

    Book a dentist appointment

    Reserve a medical appointment with a hospital or clinic with a specialist in just a few steps

    Details of special offers, promotions etc. & also scanned copies of the store brochures/pamphlets etc.!

    Ever so often, stores introduce their sales promotions and update their store brochures with the latest deals. Through the Lokate app, soon you will be able to view all of them on your phones.

    Would you like to help us?
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    Business Owners & Companies
    Provide us your outlet details

    Accurate information will enable prospective customers to know about your location, offerings, promotions & anything you'd like to convey. Make use of this oppurtunity.


    Our Aim

    To make 'Lokate' the one stop app for all essential details in your city. We're adding content regularily. In the near futures various services including contacting restarants & grocery stores will be also provided. You'll be able to make appointments with hospitals & clinincs. You'll also be able to view the latest promotions and sales in stores including the scanned copy of their brochures. The following are some of the other features that you can enable/disable the settings page:

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